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Pages 172–176
Issue Volume 12, Number 3, 2011
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This master is the key to study and evaluate radiologists health and their relationship to working conditions and work. In this work descriptive method was used. Data were collected in the real world. Persons involved in the study were asked to fill out special forms. After treatment of the questionnaire survey findings were the results and conclusions. Answers to questionnaires were counted manually and expressed graphically. About 65.2%. Department of Radiology surveyed employees indicated that their professional work is partly dangerous to their health. About 34% health workers in their working environment are linked to environmental conditions. They are often harassed at work: cough, wheezing, frequent runny nose, sneezing, increased nervousness. Department of Radiology, the Administration recommended to strengthen internal controls, increase the number of inspections, and the workers do not comply with the instructions, apply the appropriate sanctions.
Key words
health, working conditions, research
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